Deanna Drafts is a professional photo retoucher with more than a decade of experience. With degrees in art and commercial photography, her background gives her a solid foundation for her current work and allows her to understand the needs of photographers and agencies alike. Deanna worked her way into the photo industry by assisting photographers and shooting product, food, and interior design for commercial and editorial clients. Her passions and preferences eventually led her to focus on digital post-production when she worked in-house for an architectural photographer as a Digital Imaging Specialist for five years. There she further developed her retouching skills as well as a system of working with photographers to obtain optimal results in a final photograph. For more than ten years, commercial and editorial photographers, as well as designers, ad agencies, marketing firms and major corporations, have relied on her expertise and guidance to fulfill their vision on numerous projects.

With a motivated, efficient, detail-oriented approach to all of her work, you’ll find that Deanna is a strong asset to any creative team. She is based in Atlanta and welcomes work and inquiries from wherever you are.

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