Deanna has collaborated with many professional photographers, ad agencies, designers and major corporations to produce high-end photographic results. These are a few client testimonials.

"[Deanna] has consistently exhibited a level of professionalism, expertise, and personal integrity which is all too rare within today's work environment. She has been both an employee and an independent service provider for Creative Sources, and I give her my highest recommendation as an invaluable asset to any firm."

Rion Rizzo, Creative Sources Photography, Inc.

"It has been a pleasure working with Deanna as my freelance digital artist over the past few years. She possesses a rare level of expertise, perfectionism and the ability to understand my retouching needs with a minimum of explanation. She has the eye and the understanding of my vision to be an important partner in creating dynamic images for my clients. I feel very fortunate to be working with Deanna."

Jonathan Hillyer, Jonathan Hillyer Photography, Inc.

"Deanna's combination of creative skills, reliability and her passion for delivering great results have made her indispensable to my company. Her interactions with my clients have helped build my business and created loyal customers who appreciate her great attitude and pitch perfect work ethic."

Billy Howard, Billy Howard Photography

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